Software Engineering Company
Based in Cracow, Poland

Providing outsourcing and consultancy since 2012

High tech specialists for your team!

We offer high tech specialists as well as entire teams that can work on your product.

Lower your costs by hiring offshore developers!

Are you having a problem finding good developers in your city? Consider hiring contractors from Softur!

At Softur:

  • We're all developers with great experience and ideas
  • All of us communicate in English (B2 +)
  • We're located in GMT+1 timezone
  • Polish programmers are one of the bests in all ranks: click
  • Cost of work-unit is cheaper compared to other EU countires
  • We have 10 higher education institutions in Cracow
  • 3 of them are strong public technical Universities
  • We're experienced in offshore services
  • With teleconferencing tools we make remote work very officient

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